The Phasing-Out Of Venice In The Social Studies Curriculum: No More Lessons To Be Learnt?, pp. 13 of 16

Ryder’s work attempts to reconcile pragmatisim and naturalism. In philosophical terms, pragmatism was founded in the spirit of finding a scientific concept of truth that does not depend on personal insight or reference to some metaphysical realm. The meaning or purport of a statement should be judged by the effect its acceptance would have on practice.

[iv] One should not forget that that Hayek and March face their fair share of critics. See for example, Jude Chua Soo Meng’s examination of Herbert Simon, James March and Friedrich Hayek’s ideas (in bibliography). Chua’s

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"[Open-mindedness] includes an active desire to listen to more sides than one; to give heed to facts from whatever source they come; to give full attention to alternative possibilities; to recognize the possibility of error even in the beliefs that are dearest to us."

~ John Dewey, How We Think

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