Review Essay Of “Jacques de Coutre’s And Matelieff’s Singapore and Johor”: Exploring Sources On Pre-Modern History of Singapore, pp. 11 of 11


[i] In terms of public education, it might be of interest to note that early modern Singapore in relation to the Iberian presence is present in brief write-ups on panels at Fort Canning Park.

[ii] It should be noted that the Xiamen network continued to serve the needs of the overseas Southeast Asian markets after 1757 (Blussé, 2011, p. 230, table 2). One should also not forget about the intra-Southeast Asian network if indeed the Chinaware was a popular item of use in the region (Reid & Fernando, 1996).

[iii] Another strand of ‘imitation’ ware could be detected in Puebla (near Mexico City) after blue and white porcelain were shipped there from Philippines (Ganse, 2008, p. 78).

[iv] Although the Ming Dynasty was supposed to have fallen in 1644, it took at least a decade or two more before sizeable remnant Ming forces in the south were completely quelled.


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