Using Investigation and Discussion to Inquire about Issues in Primary Social Studies, pp. 7 of 15

  • Who are considered foreign workers? (Lesson 1)
  • What is development? (Lesson 1)
  • How do foreign workers contribute to Singapore’s development? (Lessons 1 and 2)
  • What are the benefits of hiring more foreign workers in Singapore? (Lesson 2)
  • What are the consequences of hiring more foreign workers in Singapore? (Lesson 3)
  • Should Singapore hire more workers to contribute to its development? (Lesson 4) 

The Marsh’s model is used for the issue investigation and Johnson and Johnson’s structured group controversy is the chosen model for the discussion of the issue.

There are four one-hour lessons for the inquiry. In Lesson 1, an introduction, the teacher will first recap with students their prior learning on the contributions of early settlers before introducing the lesson focus on foreign workers and showing the link to their prior learning. The lesson objectives will be shown to the class and these are: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • distinguish between the different types of foreigner workers found in Singapore;
  • explain the types of contributions made by them to Singapore’s development; and
  • show appreciation by reflecting on their contributions in their reflection journals.

An Inspiring Quote

"[Open-mindedness] includes an active desire to listen to more sides than one; to give heed to facts from whatever source they come; to give full attention to alternative possibilities; to recognize the possibility of error even in the beliefs that are dearest to us."

~ John Dewey, How We Think

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