Immigration, Population, and Foreign Workforce in Singapore: An Overview of Trends, Policies, and Issues, pp. 13 of 13

[i] In this paper, “Chinese immigrants” and “Indian immigrants” refer to all people who originate from mainland China or India, regardless of their current immigration statuses in Singapore.


[ii] The numbers and sex ratios of Chinese and Indian immigrants are extracted from United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2015). Trends in International Migrant Stock: Migrants by Destination and Origin (United Nations database, POP/DB/MIG/Stock/Rev.2015).


[iii]  Details of the Assessment Criteria of Global Investment Program is available here Access date: 26 Dec. 2016.


[iv]  Channel NewsAsia. (2013) JTC gradually phasing out scheme for housing foreigners: Lee Yi Shyan. Channel NewsAsia. Singapore: MediaCorp News Pte Ltd.


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