A Dialogic Teaching Approach: Talk Moves to Deepen Students’ Understanding in the Geography Classroom, pp. 11 of 12


This paper has examined the productive outcomes of dialogic talk in Singapore classrooms specific to geography. The inquiry approach of Singapore’s geography curriculum is not a simple linear process. It is a dynamic experience, which aims to develop the skills to exercise reasoning and reflective thinking. This research is useful because the curriculum structure of inquiry-based learning may not necessarily translate into effective teacher questioning for authentic learning in the classroom. This paper has also examined how student versus teacher initiated talk led to different interaction patterns and focused on the effectiveness of dialogic teaching approaches.

A question that was posed at the start of this paper: How can a teacher create a classroom environment that actively engages students for deep learning and critical thinking? Introducing student-initiated teaching in classrooms will help to develop informed, concerned and participative students (and by extension citizens) where students develop the necessary skills set to engage in the inquiry approach of authentic learning. Dialogic talk is hence the way forward to develop critical and meaningful thinkers of the next generation.

This research was undertaken as part of the Education Research course requirements at NIE. Supervised by Dr. Tricia Seow

An Inspiring Quote

"[Open-mindedness] includes an active desire to listen to more sides than one; to give heed to facts from whatever source they come; to give full attention to alternative possibilities; to recognize the possibility of error even in the beliefs that are dearest to us."

~ John Dewey, How We Think

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